Lowering the recoil level of the selected weapons丨降低选定武器后坐力
Allows you to adjust the recoil to any modules and sights丨调整瞄准镜后坐力
Adjusting the recoil control along the X and Y axes丨根据XY轴调整反冲控制
Legit mode for the most unobvious shooting without recoil丨合法的无后坐力
Hipfire Mode - shooting mode from the hip丨臂部射击模式-臀部射击模式
Rapid Fire - clip shooting from semi-automatic/pistols丨快速射击-半自动/手枪射击
Bullet Amount - sets the ammo limit for no recoil丨子弹数量-设置无反冲的弹药限制
Auto Code Enterer - automatic entry of codes on your locks丨自动代码输入器-自动输入锁上的代码
Auto Upgrade - automatic improvement of buildings with the necessary material丨自动升级-使用必要的材料自动改进建筑物
Armor Drop - automatically removes and discards armor丨盔甲掉落-自动移除和丢弃盔甲
Furnace Splitter - automatic sorting of coal and ore in furnaces丨熔炉分离器-自动分选熔炉中的煤和矿石
Anti Afk - protection against kick for afk from servers丨防挂机踢出-防止来自服务器的挂机踢出
Silent Walk - automatic silent walking丨无声行走-自动无声行走
Spam Door - spam doors丨垃圾信息轰炸
Auto Swim - automatic swimming丨自动游泳
Binds - convenient key binding system丨绑定-方便的激活码绑定系统